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FiberNet Wireless Inc. offers wireless high-speed internet connections to customers in rural and less populated areas where traditional high-speed providers don’t go.


Need high-speed?
Residential packages allow family and friends to contact each other no matter where they live.

starting at $54.99 / month

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Small Home Office

Location is no longer a win/lose factor for entrepreneurs and small organizations that wish to compete in the world market place in real-time.

starting at $64.99 / month

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Commercial packages are available to meet any demands, offering wireless high-speed solutions at competitive industry rates.

starting at $74.99 / month

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About Us

Frontier Wireless Inc. is a privately funded high-speed broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). Frontier employs leading edge services and equipment to deliver high-speed Internet to small towns and rural customers from south Hastings County to north Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Connecting people, connecting business

Frontier has built a network that allows people to stay connected with family and friends, to work remotely from home, engage in online learning and collaboration, and allows business to expand into global markets in real-time. Founded on a continuous research program, Frontier ensures that clients receive the ultimate Internet experience, backed by the best service available.

For Frontier Wireless customers, location is no longer a win/lose factor for entrepreneurs or small organizations.

Frontier's history in high-speed

Frontier is a fully-functional enterprise with years of "real world" people experience, technical expertise and in-field engineering.

In 1999 Frontier Wireless Inc. started research on bringing high-speed Internet access to remote areas lacking the amenities of urban centres. A group of computer scientists, network integrators and project managers studied this problem from every angle. By 2003 they developed an infrastructure model for providing Internet access to individuals and organizations in medium to low-density populations at a cost that is economically competitive for all parties.

We have the people, drive & expertise required to be a leading edge wireless high-speed Internet provider ;  this is what makes Frontier Wireless the viable solution!